2018.01.18 Library Board Meeting Minutes

Winchester Public Library Trustee Meeting Minutes
January 18, 2018 4:00 PM
Winchester Community Room
Present: Dick Smith, Bob Bridges, Ruthann Sather, Barb Engstrom, Nancy Johnson, Betty Forster, Blaze Burton, Galen Brownewell
1. Meeting was called to order by Dick Smith at 4:03.
2. Ruthann moved and Nancy seconded to approve the agenda. Motion carried.
3. Bob moved, Dick seconded to approve the December meeting minutes. Motion carried.
4. Bob reported there is $32,298.40 in the Trustee checking account.
a. Bills submitted E.O Johnson, Demco, Baker Taylor, magazine renewals all approved.
b. Bob moved to add Betty as a signer to the checking account, Nancy seconded. Motion carried.
c. 2018 budget was approved the town as submitted. Bob indicated that he was unable to talk to the town about the status of rollover funds (not spent from previous year). Galen said the funds were rolled over.
d. Bob moved, Nancy seconded to approve the Treasurers report. Motion carried.
5. Director's Report and items:
a. Guideline for DVD and book purchase for February and March-was discussed in October meeting.
b. Approval of January DVD and book purchase followed the approved October guideline as stated above.
c. Unattended Children policy - adopted and will be displayed.
d. Personnel policy - discussed changes. Betty will update and bring to future meeting.
e. Evacuation plan - discussion postponed to April meeting
f. Betty updated the group on activities: Many programs are already planned for 2018 including childrens programs. Weeding of books has begun and a sale planned for Father's Day weekend. Concentrating on non-fiction and DVD's not checked out or 1 time in the last 8 years. Verification of patron residence is in process to accurately reflect in the Norther Waters library system. Work on the annual report is in progress with Bob's help. Inventoried office supplies.
g. Sound panels for the community room were discussed. Galen indicated that the company will not make them until they are paid for and that the town is working on it.
h. Blaze will look into ordering cloth totes for the library to hand out during a book sale and other events.
6. Correspondence or other items - none
7. Bob moved, Nancy seconded to go into closed session at 4:48 under SS19.85 considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance valuation of any public employee. Motion carried.
8. Bob moved, Barb seconded to return to open session at 4:57. Motion carried. Members of the board provided input to Betty's annual evaluation.
9. Next meeting will be April 19 or 26.
10. Meeting adjourned at 4:58.