2017.06.04 LIbrary Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Dick Smith, Bob Bridges, Betty Forster, Ruthann Sather, Nancy Johnson, Galen Brownewell. Absent: Cyndi Guzman

1. Meeting was called to order at 4:03 By Dick.

2. Nancy Proposed a change to the agenda to include approval of April trustee meeting minutes and May closed session meeting minutes. Bob moved and Betty seconded to approve the agenda with the change. Motion was carried.

3.Ruthann moved, to approve the April trustee meeting minutes and May closed session minutes, Bob seconded the motion and the motion was carried.

4. Bob moved and Ruthann seconded a motion to carry on into closed session at 4:05 under SS.19.85 considering employment, promotion, compensation or performance valuation of any public employee.

5. Bob moved, Ruthann seconded to reconvene into open session at 4:57. Motion carried.

A. Decisions made in closed session:

I. Bob moved to hire Betty Forster as permanent Library Director, starting salary $14.50/hr and under usual probationary period of 180 day with potential increase at that time.  Betty will also complete the required coursework to achieve level 3 librarian certification within time frame to be discussed. Ruthann seconded, motion carried

II. A replacement for Betty on the board of trustees will be needed.

II. Dick moved and Bob seconded to verify Cyndi's hours for payout of accumulated sick days per town policy. Motion carried.

6. Bob reported that the trustee account balance is $32,237.89. Nancy moved Ruthann seconded to file report for audit. Motion carried. In addition, it was discussed that another signer is needed on the checkbook. Bob moved to add Betty as a signer and also issue her a debit card for the checkbook. Ruthann seconded and motion was carried.

7. Bob moved and Nancy seconded to not have a brat stand this year. Motion carried.

8. Book Sale: Betty indicated that the book sale will go on and set-up will start on 6/12.

9. Betty discussed an email today from NWLS about the opportunity to upgrade the library email to office 365. It was determined we would stay with the current email service and preform our own back up. \

10. Keys: With Turnover in employees, it was agreed that Galen will check with Cyndi if there is a list of library key owners for audit.

11. Nancy brought up the idea of a reception for welcoming Betty and thank you to Cyndi. Ruthann and Betty will plan it for June 26.

12. Dick updated us on a discussion he had with Friends of the Library and that there may be interest in being more active.

12. Bob moved and Ruthann seconded to adjourn the meeting at 5:53. Motion carried.